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The epitome

Nanotubes Technology Interconnect System

'Feel as if at the real soundstage'

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Paramount technology and new ideas almost always open new areas of development.
The epitome comprises our effort to employ ours newly developed allotropes of carbon nanotubes technologies, redesigning our original project into an otherwise classic configuration cable, which offers
reference sonic performance at a moderate price.

The result is an excellent quality and efficient high technology product that brings you closer to the reality by pushing forward all those slight, yet quite important aspects of music such as decay of notes, timbre quality, presentation of musical technique and rhythmic complexity.
Its simple yet not naive configuration along with its exceptional ability to disappear make this cable the perfect tool for the most demanding systems in Hi-End exhibitions all over the word.

Combining unsurpassed transmission quality thanks to an innovate hygroscopic nanotubes encasement
liquid conductor, a remarkable screening factor and a significant flexibility along with high durability, low capacitance and stable operation temperature level, the epitome interconnect system is also excellently suited for use as a perfect tonearm to preamp cable as well as a superior microphone cable in critical professional recordings. All the same, providing a superior digital signal transmission quality over a very high screening factor, epitome interconnect system is also recommended for use as an excellent digital interconnect.

As with all our cables, epitome interconnect system is carefully checked, separately measured and double tested in our laboratory.

Every element that contributes to the creation of this cable is subject to constant quality control procedures in order to ensure a reliable product, offering a remarkable upgrade to your beloved system.

It is ready to use at once, as it is already treated by our burn-in signal generator designed specifically for audio interconnects. This signal generator excites the cable dielectric to electric fields for 24 hours, and sends a sophisticated burn-in signal (a combination of wideband noise and swept amplitude modulation) into the wiring and the liquid nanotubes conductor for 48 hours.

The production of the epitome interconnect system lasts about a week and, if registered, it comes with a 4-year warranty against manufacturing defects. We also offer a 15-day trial period and a money-back guarantee by refunding the purchase price minus a 3% restocking fee. However, buyer is responsible for the return shipping costs. Please contact your local authorized distributor-dealer for ordering and for any information concerning delivery.

The visual and sonic appeal of this new generation of cables represents mamalos cables continuous commitment to the finest in the music reproduction. This could not have been achieved without the ultimate use of innovative technology, accumulated knowledge, and human devotion to discover the ultimate dimension of music.


REVIEW of the epitome nanotubes technology interconnect at the "HXOS" magazine.

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Presentation of the epitome nanotubes technology interconnect at the "HXOS" magazine.

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Presentation of the epitome nanotubes technology interconnect at the "AVmentor" internet audiophile magazine.

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Presentation of the epitome nanotubes technology interconnect at the "A.C.A." website forum.
(Audiophile Club of Athens)

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