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Amorphous nanotubes shield

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Metal free carbon shielding technology

When the goal is nothing less than to find again touch with intuition and taste for true functionality there is no room for anything but the best.
Tomorrow's leadership in every technology/industrial sector will be based on the competitive advantage of the best value-for-money industrial material we may use.
Mamalos cables dedication to innovation now finds expression in a new material in order to build uncompromising quality cables that reproduces music with unrivalled clarity and fidelity. The strongest, lightest and most conductive material known:

The carbon nanotubes.

Our Amorphous Nanotubes Shield in action...

Carbon nanotubes (CNTs) are allotropes of carbon with a cylindrical tube-shaped nanostructure. They get their name from the numerical unit nano. A nanotube is about 1 nm (nanometre) thick, which is one-billionth of a meter, or about one ten-thousandth of the thickness of a human hair.
Nanotubes are a breakthrough in materials, as individual nanotubes are capable of transmitting nearly 1.000 times more current than copper. In addition, since nanostructured carbon exhibits the highest strength to weight ratio of any known material, it can be combined with other materials (polymers, metals, ceramics) into composites in order to enhance there properties. However, the use of nanomaterials to improve the properties of end products requires specialized knowledge and expertise.

"This is a carbon nanotube. The dots you see are carbon atoms. The lines are the bonds between them. The substance this particular carbon atomic bond creates is graphene, the strongest and more conductive material ever discovered. This makes super-small nanotubes incredibly strong and super conductive for their size.

Having the ability to control all the critical growth conditions in functionalization and based on our Amorphous carbon shield technology in a similar configuration, we achieved to create a masterbatch that consists of functionalized multi-wall carbon nanotubes (MWCNTs) that is characterized by high processability, consistent uniformity and excellent electrical and mechanical properties.
This innovative material named
Amorphous Carbon Nanotubes Shield is not new for the sake been knew. It is a logical step forward in technology design and execution. An intense enhancement in conductivity of the already exceptional characteristics of our Amorphous Carbon Shield technology, bringing mamalos products to the next level of quality.
All the same, as it is also completely metal-free, it does not interact with our silver or copper conductors, keeping the electrical characteristics of the cable unaltered, allowing them to accomplish an unaffected signal interconnection. Moreover, this continuous carbon shield structure doesn't coherently repeat itself throughout the cable as it is formless so that, according to our Amorphous shield principles, it cannot voice the cable along its length.

The result is nothing less than the finest in the music reproduction while you are watching an image of the future that is part of the present.

Projects shielded by our amorphous nanotubes shield:

  • epitome mk2 ( Carbon Nanotubes Interconnect System )
  • elixir ( Carbon Nanotubes Interconnect System )
  • elite ( Carbon Nanotubes Balanced Interconnect System )

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