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The electron22 (separate shielded conductors)

Based on our electron16 but in a heavier version, electron22 is a very heavy general purpose audiophile power cable specially designed to deliver up to 22 Amperes/230 volts, which is sufficient to create the optimum connection paths for the most demanding audio devices of the market, with extremely low losses.
The best available quality in a reasonable price bracket with look and performance that belie it's price. Thus, it represents a genuine alternative for the style-conscious audio enthusiasts who are seeking the ultimate performance from their precious reproduction components at the same time.
This overall system performance foundation consists of three complete separate shielded pure copper conductors. Hence, it sounds remarkably transparent, relaxing and more open than their conventional single shielded configuration counterparts.

The electron22 is a heavy quite flexible shielded solid-core power cable in a beautiful black-silver color. The three separate signal conductors are specially made of 99.99% (4N) high purity Oxygen Free Copper (OFC), which has excellent conductivity. The manufacturing process eliminates the surface mechanical anomalies improving the electrical signal transmission properties, giving extremely low distortion. We use single signal conductors providing similar field geometry per length unit. Likewise, the use of a single conductor eliminates chaotic electron migration through the usual conductor strands and their imperfect barriers.
To eliminate the problem of copper corrosion in the course of time as well as the dielectric material effect, a heavy double layer non conductive lacquer coating is used providing flexibility, great insulation, and durability. The result is a time-lasting stable product capable of avoiding chemical attacks, protected from atmospheric pollutants.

This special-made lacquer coating also works:

  • As a dielectric effect reducer, since beyond the heavy double layer lacquer coating, there is nothing but air which causes no dielectric effect.
  • As a conductor suspension, reducing the vibrations coming from the current running through the power cable and the appliances themselves, rendering any microphonic effects insignificant.
  • As an effective conductor high frequencies noise filter preventing it from entering your gear since high frequencies reside only at the skin of every conductor. This noise filter eliminates the high frequencies noise along the entire length of the cable and the same time, since it is not conductive, never act as an antenna offering substantial increase of performance.

A heavy yet quite flexible PVC layer is applied over each of the three separately insulated pure copper conductors stabilizing the entire system and providing excellent flexibility, safe electric insulation, and durability.

Optimum screening performance is obtained by applying an also heavy shield screen over each PVC layer consisting of Tinned Copper Braid. The primary use of this wire sleeving braid is to reduce and practically eliminate the external Electromagnetic (EMI) and the Radio Frequency Interferences (RFI) signals, grounded only at one end of the cable in order to avoid the creation of a parallel circuit (ground loop). This screen drains away all unwanted noises to the ground of the power source, physically separating the main electrical noise from your equipment's nearby interconnect and speaker cables without imposing any current delivery limitations.

Our patented Natural Flow Cooling System keeps the conductors temperature stable and quite low, increasing conductivity and eliminating farther corrosion as any chemical activity.

The electron22 power cable is available with 24k gold plated 99.99% OFC pure copper high quality and superb conductivity power connectors, covered by a thick liquid treatment oil in order to eliminate corrosion and increase the electrical contact stability.

Before packing we use our cables demagnetizing method neutralizing all metal and non-metal parts on this cable in a three-stage procedure.
Finally, as with all our cables, the electron22 power cable is carefully checked and separately tested in our laboratory by a highly skilled master technician to ensure a reliable product and a fully satisfied owner, offering a significant upgrade to your valuable audio system. Likewise, is carefully packed in a cardboard box to protect this cable and prevent any damage. Inside the box you will also find all necessary documentation and instruction manuals.
The electron22 comes with a 4-year warranty against manufacturing defects.

Please feel free to order your electron22 power cable by using our premium online sales shop, or to order it by using our custom made department


Electron22 specifications *


52.76 pF/1.7m at 100hz


2.51 uH/1.7m at 100hz


0.0251 Ohm/1.7m at 20°C

Power Rating




3 x Copper 99.99 %


External twisted


Double layer lacquer coating+PVC


Seperate Tinned Copper Braid


PVC - polyethylene


Gold plated power connectors



External core diameter

5.7 mm

Total weight

391 gram/1.7m

Lengths available

1.7 meters**


Technology tables

Comparative tables

Remarks: up to 22 Amperes/230 volts, heavy double layer lacquer coating, high frequency noise filter, complete separate shielded conductors, factory mounted gold pleated connectors, patented Natural Flow Cooling System, halogen free jacket, demagnetized.

The right to change specifications without notice is reserved by the Manufacturer.
Any other length over 1.7m can be custom made on your demand.
***Available with gold pleaded any other connectors on your demand.

**** 4 years warranty against manufacturing defect.

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