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power cables manual


Audio Power Cable

Instruction manual

Dear music lover,

Thank you for choosing our power cable. By expressing your confidence in us you have become a respectable member of our team.
This power cable is manufactured by providing complete in-house all-necessary procedures starting by using individually and very carefully selected basic raw materials until our high quality control of the final product, packing and shipping from our industry in Greece.
We sincerely hope that it will bring you many years of outstanding listening pleasure.
Please observe the following important notes concerning valuable instructions and maintenance in order to achieve maximum performance and satisfaction from your cable.

1. Methods for handling

>This manual is intended for use by the installer in the field and is not a text on power system design or electrical circuit analysis. The information provided is concise and should be adequate for the majority of installations. If you require additional information, please contact

>It is very important to remember not to touch the cables when inserting and most importantly when removing a cable from any device. Make sure to grip the plug gently.

> Protect cable from mechanical damage and from liquid spills.

>Do not leave cables for a long period of time on the sockets. Periodically remove them and clean if any oxidation from plugs and contacts.

>Remember not to touch the metal contacts with your hands.

>Never use strong cleaning agents on cable jackets and plugs. However, our antistatic "pastra" liquid is specially designed for this purpose.

>Do not tightly bend cables for any reason. Imagine what happens to a wire if we bend it repeatedly; the metal structure changes until it brakes.

>Do not jerk or stretch hard.

>Avoid direct sunlight on cables and connectors.

>Keep your cables cool: The lower the temperature, the less chemical activity.

>Keep all speaker cables, ferrous objects and any device that produces electromagnetic fields away from power cables. Make sure that power cords are as far away as possible from speaker cables. In special cases when you must cross whit each other, do so at 90 degree angle to avoid interferences.

>When installing cables make sure that all the devices are off. Never leave one end of any cable open.

2. Connection

To ensure safety during cable installation and reliability once the cable is installed, you should confirm the following prior to installation.
>The cable selected is proper for your application >The cable has not been damaged in transit or storage
We strongly recommend cleaning all device sockets before installing this cable using our "pastra" liquid provided.

3. Burn in time

This power cable is already factory burn-in, however it performs better after a period of time. Some well known and other not very well known mechanisms cause this phenomenon. Current seems to behave like water -finding the easiest way to travel via the metal structure. So this cable requires at least 40 hours of working in order to achieve good performance and reliability. After that it gets better, however as this phenomenon increases exponentially, it gradually goes slow. This effect is not measurable though.

4. Important notes

>This cable operates in accordance with its specifications within the following environmental range: Temperature 10 to 35°C and Humidity 10 to 80%.

>Never let unsupervised children play with this cable or with its packaging.

>Plug this cable to the AC power supply only.

>Use the original undersigned packaging to avoid damage due to storage or shipping.

>If this cable is damaged or somehow does not work properly please contact your local distributor as soon as possible.

>Please, if disposing packaging materials, do so in an environmentally friendly fashion.

>Reed and keep these instructions.

>The right to change specifications without notice is reserved by the Manufacturer in line with technical developments.

> read more: Handling cables

Thank you for your cooperation.

Constantine P. Mamalos

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