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Cables Demagnetizing Method

Our Technology

In metals some of the electrons are loose. When placed near a magnet, the loose electrons spin in line with the atoms of the magnet. When the magnet is taken away, a few electrons stay aligned. This turns metals, such as cable wires, into a magnet. On the other hand, electromagnetic fields can do the same in the course of time.
Moreover, static charges on the vulnerable cable surface can interfere with the signal and introduce audible background noise.
Likewise, during cable manufacture processes, a lot of interfaces can magnetize the cables resulting in a harmful influence on the signals or the flow of the current.

In order to avoid all the effects in our cables mentioned above, we use
"our cables demagnetizing method" neutralizing all metal and non-metal parts on them in a three-stage procedure so that sonically their signal eventually acquires a quality of greater power, dynamics, and resolution.

  • First, we use our powerful electric demagnetizer in order to eliminate any magnetism in all our cables just before they leave our workshop. A strong alternating electromagnetic field is carefully applied, treating all internal metal wires, metal connector parts and cable shield structures if there are any.

  • Then, all our cables are bombarded by a steady stream of positive and negative ions in two separate operations, using our antistatic ion generator, thus neutralizing all non-metal cable materials and connector parts.

  • Finally, we apply our pastra advanced antistatic cleaner to external cables and connector surfaces providing a long time antistatic protection.

This total solution of
our demagnetizing method ensures that our cables will be neutral and really "new" when connected to your system.

Projects treated by our demagnetizing method:

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