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Galvanic isolated shield system

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Amorphous carbon nanotubes technology

Patent pending

Most good quality balanced configuration cables use a shield in order to protect the signal conductors by eliminating the external Electromagnetic (EMI) and the Radio Frequency Interferences (RFI) signals as well as the interactions between them when they are separately shielded. The shield surrounds the conductors reflecting a portion of the electro-magnetic interference but also absorbing a portion and directing it to ground.
However this solution increases the total capacitance of a twisted pair since this shield is electrically connected to the ground.
On the other hand all unbalanced configuration cables using the shield as the return path tends to have lower parallel capacitance. However in this solution noise absorbed by the shield dumps onto the ground of the receiving input, which introduces noise in the voltage potential difference between the signal and ground, which then manifests as noise in the signal itself.

In order to overcome those problems conventional cables shield suffer from, our conductors in some balanced configuration cables are separate shielded remaining though galvanic isolated as from one another as from the ground. The central tube surrounded by the shields of the conductors according to our sToa 8 Technology is covered by an isolated electro-conductive carbon layer according to our Amorphous carbon shield technology operating as a drain wire and absorbing by induction to the ground end (same as at the isolation transformers) the EMI existing onto the Carbon Nanotubes Treated Conductors double shields. In addition, over the two separately insulated shields, a very flexible PVC layer is applied- also covered by the same isolated electro-conductive carbon layer. As before this external shield absorbs by induction to the ground end the EMI existing onto the Carbon Nanotubes Treated Conductors double shields.

This patent-pending
Galvanic Isolated Shield System is able to take the EMI existing onto the Carbon Nanotubes Treated Conductors double shields without the two being electrically connected to the ground, blocking noises from one circuit to another from being transmitted, yet allowing original signals transmission without increasing capacitance. The ground loops that cause interference are also blocked.

The result is one more original example of how we can connect the cables shield to the connectors without increasing capacitance, letting the current go through conductors uninfluenced.

Projects using our Amorphous carbon nanotubes shield:

  • elixir ( Carbon Nanotubes Interconnect System )
  • elite ( Carbon Nanotubes Balanced Interconnect System - basic principle )

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