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sToa 8 technology

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According to physics a cable is a filter. In the high fidelity world, the worse filter a cable the better. Cables have their own properties that can affect the sound and the quality of the performance.
sToa 8 technology we use a combination of specific raw materials and an efficient geometry, achieving a balance between science and productive design in order to solve three very critical problems:

1. Any insulating material next to a conductor, stores and releases energy later. Practically any insulating material absorbs energy from the conductor. The more contact the insulating material has with the conductor the more of the aforementioned interaction takes place. Moreover, the dielectric material is the most common source that gives cable their sonic signature.
sToa 8 technology the conductors have the least possible contact with the insulation material in order to minimize this phenomenon. The dielectric constant is reduced by a factor of more than 85%. The conductors are kept continuously under tension in order to not let them rest loosely inside the tube and keep the distance between them stable, offering a mechanical stability and minimum contact.

2. If a current flows through a conductor a magnetic field is produced and if a conductor moves in a magnetic field a current is created. This phenomenon produces the problem of magnetic interaction between cable conductors of analogue interconnect cables.
sToa 8 technology we use a specific geometry named LCG (low capacitance geometry) using a big Teflon tube surrounded by the conductors in something like parallel 8 shape crossing each other upwards and downwards. By changing the direction of dynamic lines, the electromagnetic field produced by the conductors is cancelled, eliminating the interaction between them.

3. Capacitance is a very important characteristic of analogue interconnect cables, maybe the most important. If it is too high it can cause audible distortion and treble loss. Inductance is much less important here.
sToa 8 technology we use a specific geometry keeping the cross-sections properly small, causing skin effect reduction. By operating the big central Teflon tube, we achieve a very low capacitance and the minimum possible increase in inductance and resistance. Spacing between the tubes and conductors is kept accurate offering a stable value of capacitance in accuracy of 0,04 pF!

Our sToa 8 technology geometry projects:

  • uranus ( interconnect cable )
  • assymetric1 ( interconnect cable - first principle only )
  • assymetric2 ( interconnect cable - first principle only )
  • harmonious ( balanced interconnect cable - first & secand principles only )
  • elite ( Carbon Nanotubes Balanced Interconnect System )
  • epitome mk2 ( Carbon Nanotubes Interconnect System - first principle only )
  • elixir ( Carbon Nanotubes Interconnect System )
  • diaphanous ( speaker cable - first principle only )
  • holograph ( speaker cable - first principle only )
  • callus ( sheilded speaker cable - first principle only )
  • epitome sp ( Carbon Nanotubes Speaker Cable )

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