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HES 2020 mamalos cables interview


An interview for ACA with questions and answers.
Published at 31-05-2011

1. Would you tell us some words about "mamalos" Company? How long have you been in the market?

"Mamalos" is a Greek company whose name is synonymous with good quality cables. Like almost all such type of industries we began to have professional activity long after we realized that our products were capable of covering specific needs in this specific market. We founded our Company in 2005 but we really started to be in the market two years ago. Of course, we have been audio enthusiasts for more than thirty years. Based on many years of critical listening, we know what works and what doesn't.
After a lot of research we concluded that different people have different conceptions of what is correct sound reproduction. Compatibility between these conceptions is a rare thing. So 'mamalos' is the result of how WE perceive sound reproduction.
We also strongly believe that effectiveness is more important than the outlook of a certain product.

2. It is obvious that you believe that cables are important. But how important would be a piece of wire?

Well, a cable is not exactly a piece of wire. To be precise it is far from it. Cables are scientifically designed products. There are a lot of factors to consider in order to increase the performance of an audio cable. Moreover, by using good cables there are great possibilities for the improvement or even the modification of the rest of the audio system, always keeping in mind that reasonable amounts of money have to be spent.

3. Why should I prefer a mamalos cable? What makes you better?

We develop products that are inherently neutral and as distortion-free as possible. But we must admit that this is not 100% possible. The existence of a cable between reproduction devices always produces signal distortion. So, we care for good transparency, fine image depth and natural perspective. Clean and satisfying bass is delivered by all three, in a way that the sound quality can be close to that of the original live performance.
It is easy for a manufacturer to assert that he makes the best cables in the word. But it would not be true. However, it would be more realistic for us to say that our cables are characterized by sufficient scientific design and that they are made with care using the best raw materials available and offering smart solutions at a reasonable price. I think this simply makes us better.

4. What do you think about Hi-End in Greece?

We all know by experience and especially from other people that quality evaluation of audio reproduction is mainly a matter of taste and sometimes even a matter of experience. Greece is well known for its experience and good taste in music coming from antiquity to the present. I could say that until last year Greece was something like a Hi-End paradise. For example, you could call a dealer and discuss with him for as long as an hour about a special speaker connector. Greeks have passion and they love what they do when they devote themselves to something. However, the recent financial crisis has limited the activities of all these enthusiasts and has made them more, let us say, down to earth. Nevertheless, I strongly believe that we will manage to recover soon and be wholeheartedly dedicated to our beloved hobby.

5. What are your prospects for the future? Is there anything new coming up?

We are now preparing a new cable series based on a combination of our sToa 8 and our assymetric low capacitance technologies. The first prototype has been made and it is really promising at least. We have succeeded in making an interconnect cable adding a total cable capacitance under 20 pF/m!
If someone had told me this, I would have never believed him. Using this cable we have heard the clearest high frequencies we could ever imagine. So we don't stop dreaming…

I really want to thank you for your interest and wish you the best for the new site you are preparing.

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