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self-shielded technology

Our Technology

Nowadays all kinds of uninvited and undesirable noises such as EMI, RFI, vibrations etc. produced by our home devices -including mobile phones- enter the audio cables, causing audible signal distortion.
in order to solve this problem we usually use a metallic layer or braid as a shield (Faraday cage) in order to eliminate the Radio Frequency Interference (RFI) signals. However, in most cases this shield interacts with the signal and, moreover, it is expensive.

Using a unique anthropocentric mathematical algorithm we manage to make different lengths in the cable conductors twisting process providing a significant diminution at the internal interjection between the conductors.
In addition, this structure doesn't coherently repeat itself throughout a cable, so it cannot voice the cable along its length.
This asymmetrical "self-shielded technology" dramatically facilitates distortion rejection produced by the electromagnetic interface (EMI) and the radiofrequency interface (RFI), rendering the use of an external shield practically insignificant providing a good balance between shielded and unshielded "nude" audio cables.

Projects using our self-shielded technology:

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