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Balanced interconnects

About our Cables

Balanced interconnects are a different kind of the so-called low signal cables. The theory behind them -invented to reduce the noise in long professional studio and P.A. cables- is simple, but very effective. Normally the low level signals travel using two conductors, something like 'go' and 'return'. However, if a cable is quite long, even if it is very well shielded, some kind of uninvited and undesirable noises (such EMI, RFI, vibrations etc.) enter, causing audible distortion.

Therefore, engineers make use of a third conductor in which the signal is carried in reverse phase. When the signal arrives at its destination it turns back to normal phase so that all noises (Common Mode Noise) neutralize each other.

In conclusion, we can say that devices are 'true balanced' if inside them exists the proper balanced circuit capable of the above. If not, you don't need balanced cables.

So beware…

Our balanced interconnect cables:

  • crisiscable -b (copper balanced interconnect cable )
  • harmonious ( silver balanced interconnect cable )
  • elite ( Carbon Nanotubes Balanced Interconnect System )
  • archon ( silver shielded balanced interconnect cable )

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