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The magiolco (Para//el 4 geometry)

Magiolco is a beautiful solid core star quad configuration loudspeaker cable in bright-orange color intended for use in high performance audio systems. The best available quality in a reasonable price bracket with look and performance that belie it's price.
Thus, it represents a genuine alternative for the style-conscious audio enthusiast allowing everybody to experience pleasure from music at the same time.
To accomplish that purpose the magiolco consists of complete separate pure fine copper conductors using almost no dielectric material.
Furthermore, those pure copper conductors are divided into two parallel groups, alternately connected, achieving a minimum skin effect.

This Para//el 4 geometry has several unique features that boost audio performance due to very low inductance, one of the most important electrical properties of a speaker cable, providing very detailed signal transmission and superb spacious character. Likewise, by keeping cross-sections quite small we effectively further reduce skin effect.

The magiolco consists of 8 solid metal conductors specially made of 99.99% (4N) high purity Oxygen Free Copper (OFC), which has very high conductivity. The manufacturing process eliminates the surface mechanical anomalies improving the electrical signal transmission properties, giving extremely low distortion. Moreover by using a specific process, each end of our copper conductors is perfectly polished, thus becoming elliptical to avoid electric evacuations.

Most speaker cables suffer from a distortion which alters the original signal and is caused by the indispensable plastic insulating material, as any insulating material next to a conductor acts like a capacitor which stores and later releases energy To eliminate the dielectric material effect and the problem of copper corrosion in the course of time, an extremely thin, almost transparent, lacquer coating is used providing flexibility, electric insulation, and durability. The same lacquer is standardly applied to all our copper conductors. By applying this "
almost no dielectric material technology" the magiolco sonic signature remains extremely low providing transparency and naturalness to your audio system. The result is a time-lasting stable product capable of avoiding chemical attacks, protected from atmospheric pollutants.

This special-made lacquer coating also works:

  • As a dielectric effect reducer, since beyond the extremely thin lacquer coating there is nothing but air which causes no dielectric effect.
  • As a metal to metal suspension, reducing the vibrations coming from the current running through the audio cables and the loudspeakers themselves, rendering any microphonic effects insignificant.
  • As a joint material, reducing dramatically the micro movements between the copper conductors avoiding the static electricity (conveyance of electrons) distortion.

Total cable inductance (resistance to changing current) is a very low 1.31 microH/m.
Total cable capacitance (tendency to 'swallow up' the alternating changing voltage) is 18 pF/meter.
The resistance per lead is 0.0457 Ohm/m.
Total cable weight remains very low (56gram/m) in order to protect your delicate equipment sockets.

These primary characteristics of the magiolco speaker cable are being achieved as a result of applying the combination of our "
Para//el 4 geometry" and our "almost no dielectric material technology" to it.

Moreover this cable is airproofed using our patented Cables airproof mode. A suitable cylindrical elastic o-ring is properly placed near each cable connector covering and tightening the external jacket, thus isolating the sensitive silver conductors from the atmosphere and the penetration of humidity, keeping the capacitance stable and low. A very flexible PVC layer separately surrounded by a warm-orange colour halogen free polyethylene jacket stabilises the entire system, providing excellent flexibility, electric insulation, and durability. By twisting the two separate speaker cables together we further reduce the interactions between them.

Consequently the magiolco features:

  • Very low capacitance, permitting low power -yet high quality- amplifiers, to easily offer full control over your speaker drive units.
  • Low inductance, offering significant velocity to the high current changes of the speaker cable.
  • Very low conductor resistance, making the amount of energy -which inevitably will be absorbed by the cables- become stable, thus increasing signal resolution.
  • High signal linearity, because there are complete separate paths for the signal to travel, avoiding multi-stranded conductor cable distortion.

The magiolco is available with our new pure copper (6N) gold plated banana speaker connectors.*** Before lead-free and halogen-free silver soldering, using high purity 4% silver solder, we apply pressure to stabilize the conductors and ensure a suitable low resistance contact. The process of melting and solidifying takes place within narrow temperature ranges so that the surface of the solder joint remains smooth and corrosion protected. This connecting method tend to provide the best signal transfer results. A thick liquid treatment oil is applied on the solder surface as on all our speaker connectors to eliminate corrosion increasing contact electrical stability.

Before packing we use our cables demagnetizing method neutralizing all metal and non-metal parts on the cables in a three-stage procedure.
Finally, as with all our cables, the magiolco speaker cable is carefully checked and separately tested in our laboratory by a highly skilled master technician to ensure a reliable product and a fully satisfied owner, offering a significant upgrade to your valuable audio system.

The magiolco is carefully packed in a cardboard box to protect this cable and prevent any damage and has a unique serial number same as the cable. Inside the box you will also find all necessary documentation and instruction manuals.

Please feel free to order your magiolco speaker cable by using our
premium online sales shop

Note: The magiolco is not directional when it is manufactured. However after about 30 hours of use in one direction it will sound better when it is used in the original direction of break in.


Magiolco specifications *


1.31 uH/m (0.40 uH/ft) at 1Khz


0.0457 Ohm/m at 20°C


0.0139 Ohm/ft at 20°C

Capacitance (Total cable)

17.6 pF/m (5.36 pF/ft)



8 x Copper 99.99 %


Para\\el 4 geometry


Thin lacquer coating


PVC - polyethylene


Gold plated banana 6N



External diameter

5.2 mm

Total weight

56 gram/m

Lengths available

1.3, 2.0, 2.5 meters**


Technology tables

Comparative tables

Remarks: Para\\el 4 geometry, patented Cables airproof mode, factory mounted gold pleated copper 6N connectors, lead-free and halogen-free silver soldering, halogen free jacket, low weight, unique serial number, demagnetized.

The right to change specifications without notice is reserved by the Manufacturer.
Any other length can be custom made on your demand.
Available with gold pleaded spade connectors on your demand.
6 years warranty against manufacturing defect.

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