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Our RCA connectors

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Audio connectors are quite important as they compose the sensitive conductor ends of the cables. Conductivity, capacitance, shape and metal content are critical here.
Japan made high quality RCA connectors are selected for their low capacitance as they have the lowest possible metal content for this type of shape.
Likewise they minimize eddy current formation and signal degradation results.
Signal and signal return connections are made in a single piece, avoiding joined contact losses, thus achieving very high conductivity.

Moreover, our RCA connectors are capable of isolating vibrations produced by the components' chassis, the sonic waves and the speakers themselves' using our patented Elastic handling mechanism.

All conductive metal parts are made of a thick gold layer over a blend of regular copper and very regular zinc. We use gold since it has the best conductivity of all metals, practically similar to silver. However, gold is oxidized very slowly, contrary to silver. In this way gold plated contacts avoid cable performance degradation over time. For keeping high conductivity in the course of time we recommend using our pastra cleaner liquid.

The ground ring has a cut over its body to give extra pressure force over the female RCA chassis connector, achieving a stronger connection, thus reducing the joint vibrations and increasing conductivity. The internal insulation is specially designed to be endurable at very high temperatures so that it remains unaffected when soldering. In this way centre RCA pin remains stable in centre position after soldering. Furthermore, the external shell is made from the same strong non-metal material.

Cables terminated with these low capacitance high conductivity connectors sound demonstrably superior to those conventional all-metal RCA connectors.
They don't look impressive though...

In order to realize channel identification, each connector has a different color in the internal insulation (red or black), while covered by a "mamalos" logo stamped layer.

In some advanced models we use nanotubes treated gold plated RCA connectors specially made of 99.99% pure fine copper which is exclusively made in Japan.

Those advanced connectors are carefully maintained in order to have heavy shielding properties and strong contact thus improving the electrical signal transmission properties, giving extremely low distortion.

Our RCA projects:

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