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The holograph (concrete analogy geometry)

Based on our the diaphanous but in a heavier version, holograph is a solid core general purpose loudspeaker cable carefully designed in order to achieve excellent performance for the lowest possible price.
To accomplish that purpose diaphanous consists of two complete separate pure silver conductors applying "
concrete analogy geometry", concerning the space between them and the cross-sectional conductors area. Most speaker cables suffer from a distortion which opposes the original signal and is caused by the produced magnetic fields and interactions between the conductors when a current flows through them. By applying this "concrete analogy geometry" to the holograph cable we minimize this phenomenon. Likewise, by keeping cross-sections quite small we effectively reduce skin effect.

Using this cable the performance of the sound system increased in a way that the soundstage becomes almost holographic, with plenty of detail, realism and superb resolution.

Moreover holograph features:

  • Very low capacitance, permitting low and medium power -yet high quality- amplifiers, to easily offer full control over your speaker drive units.
  • Low inductance, offering significant velocity to speaker cable high current changes.
  • Constant conductor resistance, making the amount of energy -which inevitably will be absorbed by the cables- become stable, thus increasing signal resolution. (Cable resistance never causes any distortion, but it only decreases the volume of the sound since a certain amount of energy turns into heat).
  • High signal linearity, because there is only one path for the signal to travel, avoiding multi-stranded conductor cable distortion. (In multi-stranded cables the signal travels via different paths as a different version of the same kind and at different times).
  • The least possible conductor contact with the insulation material, according to the first principle of our sToa 8 technology, increasing velocity of propagation.

Holograph speaker cable consists of two separate quite heavy solid conductors of 99.999% (5N) extra soft temper pure fine silver, which has the best conductivity of all metals. The manufacturing process eliminates the surface mechanical anomalies improving the electrical signal transmission properties, giving extremely low distortion especially in high frequencies.
Each one of them is perfectly cleaned in a two-stage cleaning procedure. In the first stage a strong cleaning process eliminates corrosion, and polishes the surface in order to increase conductivity. In the second stage, by using a special liquid we make a deep final cleaning of the subtraction remains from the first stage, preparing the conductor surface treatment.
To eliminate the problem of silver corrosion in the course of time, a thick liquid treatment oil is being used, specially designed for this purpose. The same oil is standardly applied to all our extra soft temper pure fine silver conductors. The result is a time-lasting stable product capable of avoiding chemical attacks, protected from atmospheric pollutants. This liquid treatment also works:

  • As a metal to dielectric suspension, reducing the vibrations coming from the current running through the audio cables and the loudspeakers themselves, rendering any microphonic effects insignificant.
  • As a lubricant, reducing dramatically the friction between the silver conductor and the dielectric tube avoiding the static electricity (conveyance of electrons) distortion.

By using a specific process, each end of our silver conductors is perfectly polished, thus becoming elliptical to avoid electric evacuations.
The insulation tubing of the conductors is made of PTFE, which is the original Teflon formulation and has the lowest dielectric constant of all plastics.
Our patented Natural Flow Cooling System keeps the conductors temperature stable and quite low, increasing conductivity and eliminating farther corrosion as any chemical activity. Moreover this cable is airproofed by carefully isolating the sensitive silver conductors out of the atmosphere and penetration of humidity.
Total cable inductance (resistance to changing current) is a very low 1.44 microH/m.
The resistance per lead is 0.021 Ohm/m.
A very flexible PVC layer -separately surrounded by a blue color halogen free polyethylene jacket stabilizes the entire system, providing excellent flexibility, electric insulation, and durability.
Total cable weight remains remarkably low (35gram/m) in order to protect your delicate equipment sockets.
By twisting the two separate solid conductor cables together we reduce the interactions between them.

Holograph is available with gold plated banana speaker connectors***. Before lead-free and halogen-free soldering, using high purity, 4% silver solder, we apply pressure to stabilize the conductors and ensure a suitable low resistance contact. The process of melting and solidifying takes place within narrow temperature ranges so that the surface of the solder joint remains smooth and corrosion-protected. This connecting method seems to provide the best signal transfer results.
A thick liquid treatment oil is applied on the solder surface as on all speaker connectors to eliminate corrosion increasing contact electrical stability.
Before packing we use our Cables Demagnetizing Method neutralizing all metal and non-metal parts on them in a three-stage procedure.
Finally, as with all our cables, holograph is being carefully checked and separately measured in our laboratory by a highly skilled master technician to ensure a reliable product offering a significant upgrade to your valuable beloved system.

Holograph is carefully packed in a luxury real wooden box specially designed to protect this cable and prevent any damage. Each of our wooden boxes has a unique serial number same as the cable. Inside you will find all documents and instructions manual required plus a bottle of our pastra advanced antistatic cleaner as a gift.

The production of the holograph speaker cable lasts about two weeks. Please contact your local authorized distributor for ordering and any information concerning delivery. Alternatively, please feel free to order your holograph speaker cable by using our premium online sales shop


Holograph specifications *


1.44 uH/m (0.44 uH/ft) at 1Khz


0.0211 Ohm/m at 20°C


0.0064 Ohm/ft at 20°C

Capacitance (Total cable)

11.2 pF/m (3.41 pF/ft)



2 x Silver 99.999 %


concrete analogy geometry


PTFE-Teflon tube


PVC - polyethylene


Gold plated banana



External diameter

6.3 mm

Total weight

35 gram/m

Lengths available

1.3, 2.0, 2.5 meters**


Technology tables

Comparative tables

Remarks: concrete analogy geometry, patented Natural Flow Cooling System, airproofed, factory mounted gold pleated connectors, lead-free and halogen-free silver soldering, halogen free jacket, low weight, unique serial number, luxury real wooden box, demagnetized.

The right to change specifications without notice is reserved by the Manufacturer.
Any other length can be custom made on your demand.
***Available with gold pleaded spade connectors on your demand.

**** 6 years warranty against manufacturing defect.

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