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elixir tonearm

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The elixir (nanotubes technology)
phono tonearm cable

Based on our the elixir interconnect system this phono tonearm cable is an uncompromising quality efficient cable that takes you closer to the music than ever before testing the absolute limits of technology and performance thus offering an holographic image of the future that is part of the present.

If you are looking for the ultimate then look no further. This 5N pure silver shielded RCA to 5-Pin DIN audio phono tonearm cable with ground wire combines superior transmission quality, a reference screening factor and a significant flexibility along with high durability, low weight, very low capacitance and stable operation temperature level, to connect your Turntable (Linn, SME, ittok, ekos, sondek etc) to your equipment. The tonearm connector is available in straight and 90 degree.

The visual and sonic appeal of this new generation of cables represents mamalos cables continuous commitment to the finest in the music reproduction. This could not been achieved without the ultimate use of innovative technology, accumulated knowledge, and human devotion to discover the ultimate dimension of music.

To order please do not hesitate to contact us by an e-mail in order to manufacture the elixir phono tonearm cable to your exact specifications and personal requirements, or else take the time to fill in the form at our custom made cables department and submit your personal demands as we can produce bespoke interconnects to your specification. Please give us all the information necessary for your full satisfaction.


Remarks: sToa 8 evolution technology, heavy shielded cable, patented Natural Flow Cooling System, factory mounted low capacitance wooden connectors, Galvanic Isolated Shield System, lead-free and halogen-free silver soldering, halogen free jacket, patented Elastic hanging mechanism, patented airproof mode, low weight, unique serial number, luxury real wooden box, demagnetized.

Any length can be custom made on your demand.
* 4 years warranty against manufacturing defect.

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