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epitome mk2 tech

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The epitome mk2

Nanotubes Technology Interconnect System

'Feel as if at the real soundstage'


Epitome mk2 Conductors

Epitome mk2 interconnect system is composed of one heavy solid signal conductor, specially made of 99.999% (5N) extra soft temper pure fine copper, carefully maintained in order to eliminate the surface mechanical anomalies and perfectly cleaned, as all our copper conductors, in a two-stage cleaning procedure.
This cleaned conductor is immersed in very specific conditions into our unique masterbatch that consist of functionalized multi-wall carbon nanotubes (MWCNTs) allowing them to fill in the voids between metal molecules and coalesce holding together by van der Waals forces thus treating any surface minor damages and dramatically increasing conductivity. Over each of our Nanotubes Treated Conductors several separate layers of the same functionalized multi-wall carbon nanotubes masterbatch in gel-iquid form this time, are pi-stacking together surrounding them, encapsulated with immediately in a high chemical resistance original PVC formulation tube. The entire concoction remains liquid in underpressure conditions using our patented cables airproof mode preventing evaporation. Since this high conductive configuration is metal free it converts the external magnetic field existing all around the metallic copper conductor (the signal is always electromagnetic and never solely electric) into an electrical signal anew thus increases the velocity of propagation. Likewise, since this hygroscopic nanotube encasement is also extremely thermo-conductive absorbs the heat produced by the current into the metal structure reducing the copper conductor working temperature, offering a significant diminution in signal loss and a very low total cable capacitance.

This carbon nanotube multi-layer also works:

  • As a metal to dielectric suspension, since each layer has an elastic film character, reducing the vibrations coming from the current running through the audio cables and the loudspeakers themselves, rendering any microphonic effects (time related distortion) insignificant.
  • As a lubricant, eliminating the friction between the copper conductor and the dielectric tube in order to avoid static electricity (conveyance of electrons) distortion.
  • As a perfect mechanical protector and moisture isolator as it is very stable, chemically inert and extremely strong ideally securing the delicate copper conductor.

Epitome mk2 Shielding

Epitome mk2 interconnect system provides a heavy shielding protection completely eliminating the external Electromagnetic (EMI) and the Radio Frequency Interferences (RFI) signals and the interaction between the Carbon nanotubes treated conductor.

Over the original PVC formulation tube in which the hygroscopic nanotubes encasement jel-liquid Carbon Nanotubes Treated Conductor is encapsulated, optimum screening performance is obtained by applying a heavy shield screen consisting of carbon nanotubes treated Tinned Pure Copper Braid applying our newly developed Amorphous Nanotubes Shield.

Besides the signal return usage, the primary use of this wire sleeving braid is to reduce and practically eliminate the external Electromagnetic (EMI) and the Radio Frequency Interferences (RFI) signals.

This screen drains away all unwanted noises to the ground of the source, physically separating the main electrical noise from your equipment's nearby interconnect and speaker cables without imposing any current delivery limitations.

Epitome mk2 Geometry

Being able to operate a bigger central tube, we managed to manipulate even heavier copper conductors at bigger core diameters giving a lower cable resistance without increasing the capacitance. In contrast we achieved a low capacitance (33 pF/meter core to shield), and hence greater bandwidth along with high thermal, chemical and mechanical stability.

This critical central original PVC formulation tube is hanged directly to the connectors according to our patented Elastic handling mechanism in order to render this technology efficient even more.

Moreover this bigger central tube boost our patented cables airproof mode keeping the already regulated conductors temperature stable and quite low even more, increasing conductivity and eliminating farther corrosion as any chemical activity.

Epitome mk2 Connectors

Epitome mk2 interconnect system employ our first class pure copper gold plated RCA connectors They have superb conductivity for the lowest possible metal content while they provide a superior shielding factor and luxury appearance at the same time.
Each pure copper gold plated connector is internally covered by a double layer of our unique electro-conductive metal free carbon nanotubes masterbatch according to our Amorphous Carbon Nanotubes Shield technology isolated with by an efficient lacquer coating thus providing very high thermal, chemical and mechanical stability.
Likewise, this cable is airproofed using our patented Cables airproof mode. A suitable cylindrical elastic o-ring is properly placed into each cable connector covering and tightening the external jacket, thus farther isolating the conductors from the atmosphere and the penetration of humidity.
Moreover, they keep the already existing capability of our RCA connectors of isolating farther the already internal vibration-protected conductors from the external vibrations produced by the components' chassis and the sonic waves, using our patented Elastic handling mechanism.
Before lead-free and halogen-free soldering within narrow temperature ranges, using high purity 4% silver and 1% copper solder, we apply pressure to stabilize the conductors and ensure a suitable low resistance contact thus providing the best signal transfer results.
A thick liquid treatment oil is applied on the solder surface as well as on all our RCA connectors metal area to eliminate corrosion increasing contact electrical stability. In addition, each connector is protected from dust and corrosion by a red plastic heavy duty cover cup.
For keeping high conductivity and unaltered appearing in the course of time we recommend using our pastra cleaner.

Epitome mk2 Appearance

Besides the evidence for excellence for the ear, the ultimate valuation of a great audio cable is a matter for the eye as well. The styling of epitome mk2 interconnect system is constructed to endure and to look fine with all the quality of a modern audio cable.
The external jacket is made of two very flexible polyethylene braided layers in white or black color. This combination provides a high level of cable protection. Likewise, this feature combined with our luxurious appeal pure copper gold plated RCA connectors creates a product of superior appearance.
Epitome mk2 interconnect system is carefully packed in a luxurious real wooden box specially designed to protect it and prevent any damage. Each of our wooden boxes has a unique serial number same as the cable. Inside you will find all documents and instructions manual required plus a bottle of our pastra advanced antistatic cleaner.
The direction of the signal flow is indicated by an arrow printed in the outer label of the cable.
Total weight remains quite low (78 gram/m) in order to protect your delicate equipment sockets.
Before packing we apply our Cables Demagnetizing Method neutralizing all metal and non-metal parts on them in a three-stage procedure.

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